2020 Raffle Winners

  1. Australian Koalas 
    Phillip Walsh, United Kingdom


  1. 30th Anniversary Space Marine
    Winner, Country

  2. 30th Anniversary Space Marine
    Winner, Country

  3. A Year of Wasted Paint
    Winner, Country

  4. Abaddon, The Despoiler
    Winner, Country

  5. Abomination
    Winner, Country

  6. Aeronautica Imperialis
    Winner, Country

  7. AsGuardians of the Galaxy
    Winner, Country

  8. Battle for Shanadad
    Winner, Country

  9. Batu-Khan, Bike Captain
    Winner, Country

  10. Bloodbound Skullreaper Command
    Winner, Country

  11. Captain Lysander, Defender of Terra 
    Winner, Country

  12. Chaos Lord
    Winner, Country

  13. Chaplain Asmodai, Master Interrogator
    Winner, Country

  14. Classic Dave Taylor Ultramarines
    Winner, Country

  15. Colonel Iron Hand Straken
    Winner, Country

  16. Court of the Shadow Queen
    Winner, Country

  17. Crossing the Primaris Rubicon, Blood Angels
    Winner, Country

  18. Daemon Prince, Death Guard
    Winner, Country

  19. Daughters of the Crucible
    Winner, Country

  20. Dinner is on You, Necro Corpse Grinder Cult 
    Winner, Country

  21. Eidolon, Aspects of the Sea
    Winner, Country

  22. Floating, Limited Edition Art Print

  23. Gaslands Starting Team & Book

  24. Ghazghkull Thraka

  25. Gloomspite, Zarbag's Gitz

  26. Hallowed Knight

  27. Hive Tyrant

  28. Ignis Caeli

  29. Imperatus Warjack

  30. "iNcontroL" Chaos Knight

  31. Ironbound Defense

  32. Ironjawz Megaboss

  33. Kurdoss Valentian, The Craven King 

  34. Lady Justice and her Death Marshals

  35. Legion Praetor, White Scars

  36. Leman Russ, Ork Conversion

  37. Lord of Blights

  38. Meganob

  39. Mercenary Ogre

  40. Nezroyin of the Eternal Tides

  41. Orruk 'Ardboy

  42. Ostland, a Stormcast Hammer Life-Sized Prop

  43. Primarch Fulgrim

  44. Reynald, Vengeance of the Lost, Knight Worlds

  45. Rippa's Snarlfangs

  46. Shepherds of Contagion

  47. Sister Superior Amalia Novela

  48. Sisters of War

  49. Skink Starpriest

  50. Sophie 2019

  51. SuperChibi Midnight Edition

  52. The Alphabet Squadron, X-wing

  53. The Honored, Zone Mortalis Army

  54. Thundrick's Profiteers

  55. TMNT Shadows of the Past Core Game Box

  56. Vor Brannhar

  57. Zarbag's Gitz



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