2018 ARMY: Infinity “BLOOMING DAWN,” Yu Jing

2018 ARMY: Infinity “Blooming Dawn,” Yu Jing
Created & Donated by Wes Cogdal, STIFF NECK STUDIO
$2 – Unlimited Tickets
On July 1, 2018: Purchase tickets here
Proceeds will benefit Fisher House Foundation

PanOceania’s challenger, it’s perpetual opponent, is the other great power – Yu Jing. The whole of the Far East, united under the banner of what was once China, has produced an integrated but heterogeneous oriental culture. Equipped with a blooming industrial sector, state-of-the-art technology, and astounding economic growth, Yu Jing is ready and willing to demand the dominant position to which it feels entitled.

This excellent army would look great in anyone’s display cabinet, and can also be used for Infinity the Game (from Corvus Belli). The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation thanks Wes Cogdal, who is returning for his fourth year as part of the NOCF Artists’ Consortium.

On July 1, 2018: Purchase tickets here.  Proceeds will benefit Fisher House Foundation


  • 1x Guijia
  • 2x Yaokong Remotes
  • 1x Sun Tze
  • 1x Invincible Yan Huo
  • 4x Shaolin Warrior Monks
  • 1x Hac Tao Sppecial Unit
  • 10 Kuang Shi (one with missile launcher)
  • 1x Bao Sniper
  • 1x Specialist
  • 1x Engineer Specilist
  • 3x Bao Trooper
  • 1x Sun Tze
  • 2x Medical/Engineer bots