2018 ARMY: 30K “IRON WITHIN,” Iron Warriors

2018 ARMY: 30K “Iron Within,” an Iron Warriors army
Painted by:  Ryan Kimmel, Joel Moon, Scott Switzer, Jason Turner
$2 – Unlimited Tickets
On July 1, 2018: Purchase tickets here
Proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders

The Iron Warriors’ speciality is siege warfare and the reduction of fortified positions, which made them natural rivals of the Imperial Fists, even before the Heresy. The Iron Warriors are fierce close-range fighters; witnesses compare their ferocity to the World Eaters or Blood Angels Legions. They make common use of slave-soldiers as cannon fodder to thin the ammunition supplies of the besieged and to locate the positions of enemy gun emplacements.

This infantry-heavy army is a great starting force for any player new to The Horus Heresy, and also makes a great addition to any existing Iron Warriors collection.

NOCF thanks the great artists contributing to this project: Ryan Kimmel, Scott Switzer, and Jason Turner (all returning for their second year as part of the NOCF Artists’ Consortium), and Joel Moon, who is generously back for his third year.


  • 1x Narik Dreyger (Ryan Kimmel)
  • 1x Centurion in Terminator Armor (Jason Turner)
  • 1x Techmarine (Jason Turner)
  • 1x Apothecary (Jason Turner)
  • 5x Iron Tyrant Terminators (Scott Switzer)
  • 10x Veteran Marines (Joel Moon)
  • 20x Tactical Marines (Joel Moon)
  • 10x Iron Havoc Heavy Support Marines (Scott Switzer)
  • 2x Deimos-pattern Rhino Transports (Ryan Kimmel)
  • 1x MkIIB Land Raider (Ryan Kimmel)