2018 ARMY: Hordes “BEARDS & BOOZE & BEATINGS,” Trollkin

2018 ARMY: Hordes “Beards and Booze and Beatings,” a Trollkin army
Painted by: Benjamin Carver, James Craig, Matt DiPietro, Agatha Dobosz, Guillaume Juneau, Dallas Kemp, Sam Lenz, Aaron Lovejoy, Devonian Maher, Justin McCoy, Will Richardson, Chris Suhre
$2 – Unlimited Tickets
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Trolls are the lovable, blue-skinned brutes of the Hordes universe. Trollkin traditionally live in loosely organized, tightly knit communities on the fringes of (or completely removed from) the rest of civilization in the Iron Kingdoms. The escalation of warfare in their lands has led to the trolls uniting as a people to defend themselves and their lands.

This fantastic, 75-point army would look great in anyone’s display cabinet, and can obviously also be used in games of Hordes (from Privateer Press).

Our thanks to James Craig and his team of Painting Heroes, who are returning for their second year as part of the NOCF Artists’ Consortium.a


  • 1x Valka Curseborn (Aaron Lovejoy)
  • 1x Skaldi Bonehammer (Matt DiPietro)
  • 1x Kolgrima Stonetruth (Chris Suhre)
  • 1x Northkin Elder (Guillaume Juneau)
  • 1x Trollkin Runebearer (Dallas Kemp)
  • 5x Trollkin Champions (Devonian Maher)
  • 4x Krielstone Bearer and Stone Scribes (Guillaume Juneau)
  • 3x Northkin Bearhandler and Battle Bears (Benjamin Carver)
  • 10x Northkin Raiders (Agatha Dobosz and Will Richardson)
  • 2x Pyg Barrel Riders (Agatha Dobosz and Will Richardson)
  • 1x Dire Troll Brawler (James Craig)
  • 1x Rok (Sam Lenz)
  • 1x Hearthgut Hooch Hauler (Justin McCoy)