2018 MODEL: 40K “TRAJANN VALORIS,” Captain-General

2018 MODEL: 40K “TRAJANN VALORIS,” Captain-General
Donated and Painted by: Keith Rudis
$2 Tickets; 
Only 500 will be sold
On July 1, 2018: Purchase tickets here
Proceeds will benefit Breast Cancer Research Foundation

The office of Captain-General is one of the most powerful military appointments in the Imperium. It confers full responsibility for the overall defense of the Sol System, Terra, the Imperial Palace and, ultimately, the Golden Throne and the Emperor himself. Many claim that Trajann Valoris is the greatest warrior to hold the title of Captain-General since the Emperor strode the stars, having proven himself to be dynamic and effective; qualities that make him ideally suited to lead in this age of unprecedented aggression.

This excellent model would look great in anyone’s display cabinet, and can also be used to lead an Adeptus Custodes army in Warhammer 40,000 (from Games Workshop).

Our thanks to Keith Rudis, who is joining us for his first year as part of the NOCF Artists’ Consortium.