2018 MODEL: 40K “TAINTED BLOOD,” a Diorama

2018 MODEL: 40K “TAINTED BLOOD,” a Diorama
Blood Angel Primaris Lieutenant vs. Death Guard Lord of Contagion!
Painted by: Drew Palies of Drew Ink & Painting, Dave Taylor of Dave Taylor Miniatures
$2 Tickets; 
Only 1000 will be sold
On July 1, 2018: Purchase tickets here
Proceeds will benefit Doctors Without Borders

An ancient Lord of Contagion, a member of the legendary Death Guard Legion, squares off against a relative newcomer, a Primaris Lieutenant of the Blood Angels Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. Although new technologies have been used to create the Primaris Marine, it remains to be seen if he might carry the taint that flows through the veins of his older battle brothers. In the case of the Death Guard Lord, there can be no doubt of his taint.

These beautifully painted models would look great in anyone’s display cabinet, and can also be used to lead a Bllod Angels and Death Guard army in Warhammer 40,000 (from Games Workshop).

Our thanks to Drew Palies, who is returning for his second year as part of the Artists’ Consortium, and to Dave Taylor, participating in the NOCF Artist’s Consortium for his sixth year.