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NOCF will be running three raffles in 2023!

Dark Eldar gesamt.jpg

2023 Spring Raffle

April 15th thru May 15th.

Coming Soon featuring a Drukhari army for Warhammer 40k, a Star Wars Legion Army Blizzard Force vs. Echo Base Defenders and a full line up of amazing minatures from artists all over the world. 

Screenshot 2023-02-15 094816.png

Dualing Titans Winners Choice Raffle

Coming in July 2023.

In collaboration with Squidmar Miniatures featuring a Winner's Choice Raffle: A DualingWarlord Titan Diorama or a Cash Prize. 

Follow the progress here

Learn More here:

Squidmar Miniatures

Dark Eldar gesamt.jpg

2023 Fall Raffles

Coming in November 2023.

A Warlord Titan, Warhammer 40k Armies, and much much more. Look for more information coming this Summer.

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