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Fall Raffles Begin in 4 Days

The 2021 Fall Raffles start this Friday with some very special raffles starting off with a miniature by Taylor Halloway in support Breast Cancer research. This is a special miniature created by Creature Caster to honor Michelle Farnsworth whom has been diagnosed with an end of life diagnosis.

Half of every purchase of this miniature from Creature Caster is pledged forever to the BC Cancer Foundation.

Studio painter Taylor Halloway approached NOCF offering their Maltique featured on the Creature Caster's site for the NOCF 2021 Fall Raffles. We in turn have pledged 85% of all ticket sales going to the Breast Cancer Research in Michelle's honor.

This is a very special raffle and I hope that all of you will join in for the great cause and to honor our fellow hobbyist Michelle Farnsworth. Your Tickets will be available on Friday at this link

To learn more about Michelle Farnsworth and the miniature follow the link:

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