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Nightingale Bard and Package

Rhonda Bender created this package for the Ukrainian Raffles that includes the following....

  • Kobzar the Nightingale Bard (the Nightingale is the Official bird of Ukraine)

  • The winner will also receive a second unpainted version of the miniature (packaging signed by Jason Weibe himself)

  • A one hour of personal video instruction with Rhonda

  • and along with the wonderful folks at Reaper Miniatures, have also supplied the 30+ colours that she used

Pick up your tickets here

List of Paints Included

9006 Fire Orange

9007 Marigold Yellow

9030 Leather Brown

9037 Pure Black

9039 Pure White

9061 Linen White

9066 Blue Liner

9070 Mahogany Brown

9071 Chestnut Brown

9075 Buckskin Pale

9128 Green Ochre

9136 Walnut Brown

9200 Harvest Brown

9246 Brown Sand

9305 Tarnished Copper

9314 Heartwood Brown

9421 Frost Blue

9432 Desert Sand

9433 Mountain Sand

9434 Wolf Grey

9459 Ogre Skin

9469 Fire Ball Orange

9484 Pale Saffron

9487 Yellow Mold

9498 Doxy Blush

29106 Ion Soot

29142 Hobgoblin Blue

89503 Sinspawn Pink

89508 Urgathoa Red

89514 Saranae Yellow

89527 Andorran Blue

89545 Gozreh Gray

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