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The Crow, Ghost Warrior

The Crow, Ghost Warrior is just a part of the 2021 Fall Raffle options you can get tickets for your chance to win. This miniature will be shipped out to the winner in a brand new KR Case just to be on the safe side of things and get the miniature there to you in all it's glory.

Check it out and pick up some tickets.

The Ghost Warrior is a wraithbone robotic construct utilised exclusively by the Craftworld Aeldari in times of urgent need. For the Asuryani, death does not guarantee respite from war, for the species' need is greater than that of its constituent souls.

With the guidance of a Spiritseer, it is possible for an Asuryani spirit to separate itself from the Infinity Circuit of the craftworlds and flow into a Spirit Stone put aside for that purpose. Such a Spirit Stone can then be placed within the robotic body of a wraith-construct, imbuing its artificial form with a living intellect.

This process is abhorrent to the Asuryani, and such a technique is only initiated in times of dire need, but none can deny that the resultant combination of fierce warrior spirit and impervious host is a major weapon in the Craftworld Aeldari arsenal.

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