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Winners Choice Raffle Begins in 2 Days

A special event starts in just two days... Dueling Warlord Titans: a Winners Choice Raffle where the winner will have a choice between an incredible diorama by Squidmar Miniatures or $20,000 USD.

As with previous raffles, we ship anywhere in the world. If you have a shippable address, we will get a prize won to you.

Unlike previous raffles that have ran for a month or so, this special event is only running for 2 Weeks. So it's important to not miss out on your chance for this one.

Again just so you don't miss out, the Dueling Titans Special Event Raffle will only run for TWO WEEKS. It ends on September 23rd with a live event from Squidmar Miniatures on their Youtube channel where the winners will be announced.

You read that correctly... Winners. There is one grand prize of the Dueling Titans or $20,000, but there are two additional prizes that are part of this raffle; The Space Marines from the Leviathan boxset and the Tyranids from the same set. Both of these were painted up by Squidmar on their Youtube channel. The two sets from the boxset are consolation prizes that will also be drawn for the raffle.

Tickets will be $10.00 for a single ticket, or $9.00 for two or more. The $10 dollar minimum is the same as previous raffles in the past due to high international paypal fees and costs. However we wanted to make it so that you can purchase additional tickets a little easier.

It's an incredible offering that started over a year ago. You can dig into just how this project startedwith this video playlist from Squidmar.

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