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Own this pair of Adidas "Stan Smith" Iconic Tennis Shoes! Never worn and designed by renowned airbrush painter, Damian Zari, these shoes will be among the most valuable in your collection!


Damian shares: "The Red Ones go Faster! These limited-edition Stan Smith Adidas shoes were gifted to me by Adidas as a thank you for a job I did at the stadium where the Timbers (soccer) play. I thought I would paint them up in a way that reminds me of my favorite player: Diego Chara, the fastest with the most foul calls ~ like an Ork biker, fast and dirty! "

This is airbrushed acrylic with clear coat over to protect it. 


Men's Sizing: US 9; UK 8-1/2; FR 42-2/3; JA 270


Adidas Ork Shoes ~ One of a Kind!

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