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From John Margiotta's Personal Collection, this Bloodbound Skullreaper Command features the General, his Champion and the Unit Standard Bearer.


Skullreapers of Khorne are huge warriors clad in heavy half-plate and gifted with horrific mutations that enhance their already terrifying martial prowess. Driven by a hunger to claim worthy skulls for the Blood God, these hulking brutes live up to their name with every battle they fight. The Skullreapers are a warrior elite, a ravening caste of howling, blood-mad reavers who fight and kill for the glory of Khorne. There are few who can stand before them in battle, and countless are the skulls they have laid before the Skull Throne of Khorne.



Bloodbound Skullreaper Command (GW) AoS Khorne

  • Skullreaper General
    Skullreaper Champion
    Skullreaper Standard Bearer

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