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The Feculent Gnarlmaw is a Daemon of Nurgle that takes on the form of a carnivorous, disease-ridden tree. Wherever the servants of Nurgle gather in large numbers and the blessed rot begins to set in, Feculent Gnarlmaws push their way up through the blighted soil.

These disgusting trees ring with the sorrowful tolling of entropic chimes, belch clouds of daemonic spores, and shed rot-wet blossom to carpet the maggot-churned earth beneath their boughs.

Covered in chitinous bumps and boils, the Gnarlmaw looks almost like some struggling creature rather than the twisted tree it allegedly is.

An enormous mouth runs up the centre of its trunk, with dozens of razor-sharp teeth lining it, while the few stunted branches that grow from it feature dismal bells, tentacles and more pustulent boils.


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