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This incredible army from the Kowalski brothers has been generously donated to the NOCF for the benefit of Doctors Without Borders:  Here's what they had to say about their army:


"We are three brothers who live in Germany. We got back into the hobby with the launch of Age of Sigmar. Over the years, we developed into different directions. Sebastian got fascinated by the grimdark style. Florian got into painting on a high level. He recently won a medal at the Scale Model Challenge event. And Julian basically revived a Warhammer-club in his hometown, running events and networking.


"At one point we decided to paint Florian’s Sons of Behemat army together over the course of one weekend. We combined airbrushing, grimdark techniques and brush skills to get four Mega-Gargants and three Gargants painted to a high level during one weekend. Our next step was painting an army of Julian’s Stormcast Eternals. A huge amount of models, to be painted during only one weekend.  These two projects taught us that we could paint a large number of models in a short time.


"Russia’s invasion of Ukraine rattled us all. We are grateful for the American support for Ukraine, but we wanted to do something as well. We felt that the war affected us in a direct way because of Ukraine’s proximity to our eastern border. So we decided to paint an army to support the Ukrainian cause. Julian used his connections to acquire the models. They were generously supplied by Taschengelddieb. The bits for the bases were supplied by Epic Basing. We decided on a paint scheme that was inspired by Zatcaskagoon’s grimdark Necrons. We knew that it would look great and would allow us to paint an army during one weekend. So, we built the models and gathered in my basement one weekend.


"During the long, long hours, we managed to paint the army. We are super happy with the outcome, but we didn’t manage to sell the army. We realized that we didn’t have the knowledge or connections to do so, so we contacted the NOCF. We are happy that we can support Doctors Without Borders, since they are active in Ukraine."

"ROBOTS FROM SPACE" (Grimdark Necron army)


    Sebastian, Florian & Julian

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