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The Lord of Virulence is a scourge upon existence–his corpulent form, the antithesis of life. He is the willing host to a particularly repellent form of demon virus. It has ravaged his body, leaving him with half dead organs that leak repugnant and neurotoxic vapors. Only the Lord of Virulence and his following of vicious maggots are immune to this toxin. Foes collapse in his presence, losing control of their bodies as the pungent fog destroys the nerve cells in their motor cortices. Lesser opponents die in short order, and even the mightiest of creatures will find themselves slowed and disoriented, vulnerable to a strike from his monstrous scythe.  


Nearly impervious to damage, his body is protected by layer upon layer of visceral fat which is, furthermore, covered in leathery hide that has been hardened by disease and mutation. Even as enemy fire tears the Lord of Virulence apart, he does not stop in his relentless advance. After suffering through the virus that infects him, their blows are only a minor annoyance.


This beast, donated by the staff at Creature Caster, has been excellently painted by Taylor Holloway and will make a perfect stand in for a Nurgle demon with its rotten flesh, exposed bone, boils, and rusty weaponry. The model will tower over many units on the battlefield measuring 7.5 inches (19.5 cm) from the 60mm base to the top of his wings.


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