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The Adepta Sororitas are the Chamber Militant, or armed fighting force, of the Adeptus Ministorum. Often known colloquially as the 'Sisters of Battle', their Order was created to defend the faithful and their places of worship, battling threats from daemons, xenos, and even heretical humans. With the opening of the Great Rift and the sundering of their Emperor's realm, new crusades brimming with Battle Sisters have struck out across the galaxy to bring judgement with flame, blade, and bolt.  


Clad in thick suits of power armour and wielding weapons usually seen only among the Emperor's Angels of Death, the Adepta Sororitas take to the field with an unquenchable zeal. Empowered by their faith and capable of performing miraculous feats, the Battle Sisters march alongside mighty tanks and powerful mechanical warsuits to bring fire and fury to every corner of the galaxy.


One of two miniatures painted by Sophia Kim for the summer raffle, this Adepta Sororita wears the colors of the Order of the Bloody Rose.  Holding a holy relic, she could be used as a Canoness for your army.  The attention to detail is stellar as evidenced by the fact she has put light reflection points on the eyes of this Games Workshop model!


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