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The artist, Bruce Norling, wrote: "I have wanted to paint some Seraphons, or Lizardmen as they were called at the time, since 4th edition WHFB. But my ever-expanding Goff Ork Horde, Iron Warriors Grand Company, and lack of anyone else interested in fantasy back then kept me from them. So last year, on a whim, I picked up a Skink Starpriest and painted him up in the colors I had always imagined. Including rainbow feathers! I loved the results, and had such fun with that one model that I picked up the Starblood Stalkers box as it had a small variety of different Seraphons. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the integrated scenic bases too! I used bright colors, contrast, and gloss to give them have depth and texture. The water pools look wet and in motion, the flora and fauna have been picked out in "comicbook-rainforest" colors. The models, while easy-build, are well detailed and took to my style and method well. I was able to capture the Chameleon sort of 'mid-shift' in his color pattern, which was fun to do. Then, to tie them all together, I used the same rainbow feather method (learned from one of Duncan Rhodes old GW videos) I had used on my original Starpriest on all of their decorative feathers. And just to keep the old star-faring rumor alive, I painted Kixi-Taka's shiny rock as if it were made of Necron 'Living Metal'. :P "


Starblood Stalkers (WH Direchasm)

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