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2015 Raffle Winners

Summer - Fall
  1. Alaitoc Eldar
    Christian Caley (Isle of Man, UK)


  2. Batalion Piechoty
    Mike O’Brien (Sacramento, CA, USA)


  3. Forever Young
    Jessica Rich (Richmond, Virginia, USA)


  4. Malifaux 7!

    • Bayou Boss

      Joseph Troxell (Delaware, OH, USA)

    • The Thunder

       Peter Evanko (Alexandria, VA, USA)

    • Miners and Steamfitters Union

      John Miller (Jacksonville, NC, USA)

    • Hide and Seek

      Thomas Wynn (Parkville, MD, USA)

    • Salvage and Logistics

      Greg Fleming (Wilmot, Nova Scotia, CANADA)

    • Herald of Obliteration

      Christopher Harkins (Odenton, MD, USA)

    • The Guild’s Justice

      Maurice Kent (Odenton, MD, USA)

  5. Maverick
    Michael McIlhargey (Odenton, MD, USA)

  6. Sons of Orar Space Marines
    Alasdair McMillan (Leicestershire, UK)

  7. Zeta, the Barbarian Babe
    Raul Rosada (Triangle, VA, USA)

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