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2017 Raffle Winners

Spring - Summer - Fall 
  1. Adeptus Mechanicus Tech-Priest Dominus
    Shawn Overton of Manitoba, Canada


  2. Blood Bowl Game Set & Pitch
    Bryan Bledsoe of Kansas City, KS, USA


  3. Blood Bowl Ogre
    Lawrence Cultlip-Mason of Arlington, VA, USA


  4. Bolt Action Tank
    Travis Cannon of Springfield, Oregon, USA


  5. Burning of Prospero
    Henry Pentecost of Tokyo, Japan


  6. Commander Nemo
    Jimmy Rheault of Montreal, Canada


  7. Commissar
    Michael Coates of Mililani, Hawaii, USA


  8. Cypher
    Brandon Kunc of Crofton, MD, USA


  9. Deathwatch
     Tom Angove of New South Wales, Australia


  10. Farmers’ Guild
    Benjamin Pohl of Muscatire, IA, USA


  11. Floating Mage
    Bryan Bledsoe of Kansas City, KS, USA


  12. Gandalf
    Gianluca Cornago of Bergamo, Italy


  13. Golden Dynasty
    Colin Sherman, Edmonds, WA, USA


  14. Goritsi Werewolf Specialists
    Jason Dawson of Albany, Western Australia


  15. Hammer of the Omnissiah
    Ryan Hilton of Austin, TX, USA


  16. Harry the Hat
    Danny Stoll of Herren, Netherlands


  17. Jacques De Molay, Grandmaster
    Lain Richardson of British Columbia, Canada


  18. Magnus the Red
    Brian Jones of Washington, D.C., USA


  19. Monty’s Desert Rats
    Christopher Alfaro of Indian Trail, NC, USA


  20. Ork Boss & Goblin
    Joseph Holstein of Charlotte, NC, USA


  21. Path to Glory
         *Dragyri, Ice Caste Force
         *Forsaken, St. Isaac’s Force
    Aviad Madar of Tel Aviv, Israel


  22. Rommel’s Afrika Korps
    Christopher Seebeck of McLean, VA, USA


  23. Sicarian Infiltrators
    Rob Scallan of Chorlton, U.K.


  24. Sons of Horus, Speartip of the Warmaster
    Stephen Pugh of Liverpool, UK


  25. SW Destiny Charity Collection
    Jeffrey Jones of Altamonte Springs, FL, USA


  26. Stormsurge
    Erik Petersen of Steamboat Springs, CO, USA


  27. Stryker’s Irregulars
    And Tejada, Morgan, CA, USA


  28. Terminator Chaplain
    Laurent Lheritier of Newton Highlands, MA, USA


  29. Troll
    Terry Marrs of Jenks, OK, USA


  30. X-wing Organa’s Angels
    Christopher Tapara of NSW, Australia

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