Donation Totals 2013-2020



Breast Cancer Research Foundation: $124,584

Doctors Without Borders: $181,875

Fisher House Foundation: $121,226


ACPD Friends & Family Fund: $15,000

Child's Play: $1,000

Cohen Children's Hospital: $1,000

Houston Food Bank: $5,000

International Rescue Committee: $8,175

Wires: $3,000

Wounded Warriors: $2,300

NOVA Open Charitable Foundation

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, Inc. (NOCF), established in January 2013, was created to assist the tabletop wargaming community in raising funds for charitable causes. Miniature painters and artists have long been involved in producing miniature armies as a form of fundraising. Recognizing the immense generosity of the worldwide tabletop wargamers, the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation was formed to bring this “Compassionate Force” together under a single banner with a broad outreach to support charities which address the needs of humanitarian emergency relief, children’s causes, the military and medical research.

NOCF is an inclusive and accepting organization, proud to represent and welcome the extraordinarily diverse worldwide community of tabletop wargaming players and artists.  We treat every person with empathy, respect, dignity, and impartiality, with great appreciation for their generous support of the NOCF and its mission to positively impact the world in a compassionate and meaningful way.

The founders of the NOCF, understanding the value of associating its name with an internationally known entity in the community, approached the NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention‘s Executive Board for permission to incorporate its name in the Foundation’s title.  They also sought permission for fundraising opportunities on site at the convention and to have the raffle drawings podcast internationally by the 11th Company during the NOVA Open’s final award ceremony.  The NOVA Open Executive Board was more than happy to grant these permissions, noting that the roots of the NOVA Open began in a park as a fundraiser for breast cancer research.




The international “Compassionate Force” was evident in 2013 when three inaugural armies raised $10,000

for the charities which would become our core recipients:

In 2014, with the combined effort of the raffles, silent auction, and the Foundation Lounge, $38,000 was raised for charity.


NOCF is proud to represent this community which continues to prove its sense of social responsibility

to support charitable work. In 2019, $98,000 was donated! 

In 2020 the NOCF efforts were interrupted by the cancellation of the NOVA Open. However, with the help of hundreds

of volunteers, donors worldwide, and a few well-liked YouTube personalities, we were actually able to

exceed our original fundraising goal! Thanks to incredible support we donated $158,000!

By focusing on the primary charities, the "Gamers' Foundation" has been gaining position in the annual reports of

these deserving organizations. Before lending their support to our efforts, DWB required an in-depth explanation of "what"

a tabletop wargaming community was. NOCF was able to explain - but it is the gamers and hobbyists

who have stepped up to show the world what a "Compassionate Force" can do.



The Foundation Lounge, located on the rooftop level of the Hyatt Regency hotel, is run by volunteers for the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation. Proceeds support the continued work of the Foundation, as well as other named charities.
The Foundation Lounge has become the go-to place for attendees, where relaxing with old friends and making new ones after long days of gaming at the convention just comes naturally.  The Lounge opens at 2:00 pm every day with last call is at 1:00 am. Come on up to visit this year. There is always something going on at this fully stocked bar, where you'll meet industry experts chatting about their businesses, participate in raffles, join board games, enjoy sumptuous snacks and (on occasional) listen to a live band!

It all happens in the Foundation Lounge. Make a point to spend some time with us this year!



As the number of raffles have grown each year, so has the generous support of the NOVA Open.  In 2013, one 4-foot case was donated for displaying the first three armies from the NOCF Artists' Consortium.  By 2019, two 6-foot cases, a store counter, and two beautiful tall all-glass halogen-lit display cases were provided, along with rotating bases under acrylic for use with the Warlord Titan and other monster-size raffle offerings.  

Special thanks to the NOVA Open and its attendees. Ticket sales at the convention historically match the international sales totals going into the event!



NOVA Open partners and NOCF sponsors have been donating high-value items for the NOCF Silent  Auction since 2014.  Once more, NOVA Open attendees find a way to show their generosity by participating in these  fundraisers which have added tens of thousands of dollars to supplement annual charitable donations.


It is not unusual to find signed artwork from famous concept artists, gamer model/army donations, game aids, hobby aids and the occasional life-size C-3PO!  The space, together with display products and tables, is another expense covered by NOVA Open. 




NOVA Open Charitable Foundation

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Vienna, VA 22182


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NOCF is the non-profit sister organization of the NOVA Open, which supports and underwrites expenses on behalf of it.