• Direct donations to NOCF are tax deductible, but confirm this with your accountant.

  • Raffle donation structure:

    • .90 cents of every $1 raised will go directly to the nonprofit cause as designated by each raffle

    • Approximately .05 cents of every $1 raised will be used to support the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation overhead, administrative costs, and shipping fees

    • Approximately .05 cents of every $1 raised will be used to cover PayPal fees and tax reporting

  • An order of less than $12 will negatively impact the NOCF operating costs. To ensure that the maximum percentage of each ticket purchased will benefit the designated charitable cause, we encourage customers to consider adding a $5 donation to their cart..

  • Ticket purchases, though supporting nonprofit charitable causes as outlined above, are not tax deductible.

  • The buyer’s name will be entered into the raffle once for every ticket purchased. The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation will use an accurate, independently-developed electronic randomizer to select the winners.

  • The final drawings for each raffle will be listed on the raffle item page.

  • Winners need not be present to win. NOCF will ship to a deliverable address anywhere in the world.

  • Sales will continue onsite until the dates and times listed on each raffle item page.

  • Onsite ticket sales may occur at convention sites.

  • Winners’ names (plus city/state/country) will be posted on the NEWS page of the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (novaopenfoundation.org) website no later than three (3) days after the drawings.

  • NOCF will email winners using the email address noted in the PayPal account; an item will ship only after confirmation of mailing address is received by NOCF.

  • If the winner does not respond to NOCF efforts to engage - via website announcements, PayPal email address, All Points Bulletins on social media, and/or all other means at their disposal - a second drawing will occur four (4) weeks after the original, and the new winner will be contacted. This process will continue until a winner acknowledges the NOCF announcement.

  • Armies will be packaged and shipped with tracking information provided to the winners.

  • Members of the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation Board of Directors and the NOVA Open Executive Board, are ineligible to win.

  • NOCF artists are eligible to win any item other than those they worked on.

  • There is no maximum ticket purchase. No percentage chance of winning can be calculated unless ticket limits are noted on the item page. Ticket purchase does not guarantee win.

  • All ticket sales are final and there are no refunds.



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NOCF is the non-profit sister organization of the NOVA Open, which supports and underwrites expenses on behalf of it.