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Raffle Winners 2019

  1. Arkhan’s Defiled
    Anthony Faciane of Southport, NC, USA


  2. Bonny Anne
    Cristina Medina


  3. By His Red Hand  
    Zeke Sudbury of Knoxville, TN, USA


  4. Captain Acheran  
    Patrick Tuttle of Weare, NH, USA


  5. Chogorian Brotherhood 
    Benjamin Ketel of Freemansburg, PA, USA


  6. Dankhold Troggoth 
    Timothy Yates of Livonia, MI, USA


  7. Defense of Terra 
    Michael Paterson of Roseneath, Wellington, New Zealand


  8. Drach’nyen  
    Crysty Brunz of Atascadero, CA, USA


  9. Fire Raptor Gunship 
    Andres Schneider


  10. GodTear Warbands  
    Aaron Skrivanek of Brookeville, MD, USA


  11. Johan Rumbleguts  
    Kyle Anderson of Wilmington, NC, USA


  12. Kill Team Mayhem 
    Nathan Ginos of Huntsville, AL, USA


  13. Labyrinth of the Necrons  
    Matthew Bair of Niles, MI, USA


  14. Librarian  
    Eric Carpenter of Gainesville, GA, USA


  15. Lord Relictor  
    Robert Wesley of Orlando, FL, USA


  16. Lotann of the Ionrach  
    Kevin Eberwein of Sedona, AZ, USA


  17. Marneus Calgar & Honour Guard
    Jonathan Fisher of Winfield, WV, USA


  18. NOVA Fists  
    Eric Autret of Parker, CO, USA


  19. Operation Coldfront  
    Guillaume Deldicque of Thiviers, Aquitaine, France


  20. Ork Stompa  
    Christopher Tokaz of Kerrville, TX, USA


  21. Planet Eaters & G.U.A.R.D.  
    Joshua Holt of West Des Moines, IA, USA


  22. Sepulchral Guard Unit  
    Al Saunders of Clarksburg, Ontario, Canada


  23. Siege of Heaven 
    John Bednarski of Hamilton, NJ, USA


  24. Solitaire Harlequin  
    Nick Dendardi of Dumfries, VA, USA


  25. Stephen Rao
    Jon Smith of Elizabethtown, PA, USA


  26. Tara the Silent  
    Kyle Anderson of Wilmington, NC, USA


  27. The White Speaker  
    Erik Swinson of Virginia Beach, VA, USA


  28. Thrawn’s Imperial Ascendency  
    Cameron Murray of Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


  29. Tiger Heavy Tank Company  
    Erik Johnson of Columbia, MD, USA


  30. Uber DeffKopta  
    Zachary Stewart of Pittsburgh, PA, USA


  31. Warrior Daemon  
    Ryan Bridges of Bowie, MD, USA


  32. Zombie Horde  
    Erik Johnson of Columbia, MD, USA


  33. Zone Mortalis Assault Force  
    Baron Jacques Alain of Waldighoffen, France


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