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If you would like to become an NOVA Open Charitable Foundation sponsor, please email us at


  • Requirements:
    As an NOCF sponsor you/your company will provide supplemental products to help enhance our raffle’s overall appeal.


  • Reciprocity:
    NOCF will list you on our sponsor page and you’ll be credited on the relevant product pages.



If you would like to become an NOCF partner, please email us at to set up an interview.

  • Requirements:
    As an NOCF partner you/your company will provide a minimum of $500 in the form of product vouchers which will be exchanged for specific products needed for the raffle, such as models and paints.


  • Reciprocity:
    NOCF has set up fundraising tiers. Our partners will be listed by tiers on our Hall of Fame page.


  • Copper Partner: $500 in product vouchers

  • Bronze Partner: $1,000 in product vouchers

  • Silver Partner: $1,500 in product vouchers

  • Gold Partner: $2,000 in product vouchers

  • Platinum Partner: Any product voucher above and beyond $2,000


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