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What We're Seeking

Some of the sought after models our artists are interested in painting and raffling for the NOCF are not available (and oftentimes too costly) to obtain through the regular channels. Below we have set up a way for you to help us find what we're looking for. There are 3 ways you can go about supporting this endevor:


1. You can raid your personal plastic crack closet and send the model/army directly to       the artists.

2. Buy the model/army directly from a company and send it directly to the artist.

3. Donate the value of the model/army to allow NOCF to purchase the model/army.


Any way you choose to support the cause you will be an important part of the raffle project you're supporting and NOCF will name you as the model donor on our website (unless you request annonimity). 

We'll set you up to ship directly to the artist you've chosen to sponsor. Not only will you be a recognized donor, you'll be making a new friend!

The following list are a few of the items we are hoping to receive and raffle off:

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