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Clay is famous around here for donating "Hospitaller Absque Terminis," our 2020 Warlord Titan (pictured in the gallery). He's back with a fun and unique offer; here's what he had to say:

"Mastermind Models and Minis will create your STLs in 25 micron 3d printing on our Formlabs Form2 printers using the high detail black material. We can tell you how much material the STL files will take for printing ~ but there is a limit!


This raffle comes with a 250ml of material limit. So, what does that mean? You could ask us to run a single file that large, or 25 files that are 10ml each, or even 250 files that are 1ml each (but, seriously, don't do that last example!)  A typical 28mm model takes around 10ml of material give or take.


All models will be shipped with supports on so you will be responsible for cleaning the prints. Prints are fragile, more so than plastic, so caution while cleaning is advised. We are here to support and will be in contact with the winner if they need any help though the process. 


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