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Brennan Baker (@bb_miniatures) is among the international artists who answered the Marc Büsing call to support this Ukrainian refugee relief raffle. He chose to donate this Aeldari Warlock of craftworld Ulthwe.  Brennan had this to say about his donation:


"Being a commission artist, I'm in my element of creating works for others and having it leave my desk is nothing new. But to create gifts for others while utilizing my talent is something that brings me joy and in hopes I can share that feeling with others. This Eldar Warlock was a way for me to give something back to a community that has brought me so much joy and to make a living through this medium is something that still stuns me to this day. I hope this small token goes towards setting others down a path that is free from pain, violence, and turmoil that wars bring to a country. Much like how my paint brush is free to bring line and colour how I please, I wish to share that outcome to others in hopes they all can have the freedom to pursue acts that bring them joy to themselves and their community. Much love Bb.”


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