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Van wrote, "I bought the new Dark Uprising box so I could get some terraina nd cool models to convert to Kill  Team and 40K. Turns out, these guys come with an awesome campaign and the way they play is really fun."


A cannibal sickness lurks at the heart of Necromunda, like a festering wound that will never truly heal. In the dark corners of the underhive, the Corpse Grinder Cults gathers weapons and recruits, whispering prayers to the Lord of Skin and Sinew. Fed on a diet of forbidden flesh, they rise up, spreading their rebellion into open warfare. In their wake, the taint of Chaos follows and hives descend into madness.


Formed from the toiling workers within the ranks of the Corpse Guild, the Cultists were once honest men who have seen too much horror in the corpse recycling plants or else those who are hungry for the power that the cult can offer. At the heart of the cult is the Harvest Lord who binds his followers together in devotion to the Lord of Meat.



Dinner is on You (GW) WH40K Necromunda Corpse Grinder Cult

  • 15 Cultists Including:

    Hand of Crimson - The Butcher
    8x Cutters / Skinners
    6x Initiates
    1x Khornate Ambot w/ Heavy Carapace Armor, Augmented Fist, Grav-Fist & Heavy Flamer

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