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This army will travel in style, safely nestled inside its own custom KR case.


Marcus shares the back story behind his donation:


"Last year, Denis Rubbert, who operates one of the largest German YouTube channels for tabletop and wargaming, was diagnosed with lung cancer. As someone who has been watching his channel for years and was deeply affected by his situation, I wanted to show my support. So, I bought a second-hand Dark Eldar (Drukhari) army, restored it, and planned to sell it and donate the proceeds to Denis. However, as the therapy was going well, Denis asked me to donate the proceeds to an organization that supports people with cancer instead. 


When I told Roman Lappat about this project, he offered to help and connected me to Sean from the Nova Open Charitable Foundation. Sean and the other board members were immediately interested in the project, and I am now fortunate that the army will be raffled off during the spring raffle this year." 

Dark Eldar Army (WH40K)

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