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The Most Epic Insane Warlord Titan Diorama

$20,000 in Cash



The "Dueling Titans" diorama by Squidmar is the result of a plan to trade up miniatures, starting with a $0.10 Night Goblin and targeting a $2,000 Warlord Titan. Inspired by the story of "One Red Paperclip," the team crushed it, ultimately ending up with TWO Warlord Titans!


Squidmar creatively turned this success into an amazing, heavily detailed, story-driven diorama which depicts an epic battle between the two Titans in a stormy sea. Over 1000 hours of work went into this journey which was captured in over 20 YouTube videos ~ which have been viewed collectively nearly 9 million times . . . and they did it all for CHARITY!


NOCF is honored to have been asked to administer this raffle which gives the winner a CHOICE between owning the most epic, insane "Dueling Titans" diorama or selecting the alternate prize of $20,000 USD which has been generously donated by Majorkill.


But Wait . . . There’s More!


Two consolation prizes have been added to the raffle. In true Squidmar style, and straight from their recent 24h painting marathon of the WH40K 10th edition box Leviathan, the 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive the Squidmar marathon Space Marines and Tyranids respectively!


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