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The Orruks are Destruction incarnate. This vicious and primal race of natural-born killers loves nothing more than to wage unending war. Their society is built around conflict, and huge migratory invasions called Waaagh!s erupt from all corners of the Mortal Realms to drown the worlds of Order, Death, and Chaos in a green tide of violence. To face the Orruk Warclans is to face total annihilation, for their numbers are beyond counting, and they live solely for the thrill of bloody combat. 


Kruleboyz are a cunning, but brutal faction of Orruks, who make their homes in the swamps and bogs of the realms. Often described as "Morruks" for their kinship to Mork, they encourage "hard finkin" and pride themselves on tactical acts of cruelty.


Kruleboyz are slighter than other Orruks, with disproportionate limbs and a sinewy limbs and gnarled hands. However, despite this, an adult Kruleboyz can easily rip a mans arm from the socket although will fail to completely remove the arm. They secrete an oily residue; which may have originated from their diet of Bog Toads, Swamp Hoppers and Slobber Squigs; or may have evolved as a way of escaped dangerous swamp predators. Waaagh energy effects them by increasing their ability to think of devious schemes, and reflect on past errors.


This incredible raffle item has 2000 points of Orruks painted by Dev Sodagar for your gaming table!  Supply with a KR case, you will be able to transport this massive army in style.


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