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Thor Intararangson (@thor_intararangson) is among the international artists who reached out to NOCF in support of this Ukrainian refugee relief raffle. He painted two items for the NOCF this year. This fantastic Maugan Ra has been donated for this special Ukraine raffle. What is his other donation? You will need to come back for the summer raffle and see!


The Lore:

Maugan Ra, also known as the Harvester of Souls, is the Phoenix Lord of the Dark Reapers – among the most grim and foreboding Aspects of the Asuryani. A master at killing from a distance, Maugan Ra wields the Maugetar. This scythe-like weapon fires mind-linked shuriken discs large enough to decapitate a swathe of foes before vanishing into nothingness. Should the enemy survive this barrage, they will meet a swift end on the curved edge of the Maugetar's built-in reaping blade.


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