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Gifted with not only hefty bulk, strength and power but the ability to use them properly, The Mighty Zug is an expert at incapacitating opponents with a single swipe of his gigantic paw. A firm favorite with the fans despite (or because of) his brutish, ugly and stupid demeanor, he’s the Star Player of choice for Blood Bowl coaches who just want to get the job done. Nothing fancy – just a trail of smashed faces leading to victory.  


Add The Mighty Zug as a Star Player to any Halfling Thimble Cup, Lustrian Superleague, and Old World Classic Blood Bowl team. Maciej Sadowski returns to the NOCF raffle once again with this awesome Blood Bowl model.  Painting in NMM style with fantastic attention to detail on the subtle color tones on the skin, this brute will make a perfect star player for your next Blood Bowl match!



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