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“I told you attacking an Ar-Grush was a bad idea.” The last words of Saral Perok, Falkaaran Fire Wizard. Faelon is a wild and dangerous place.


Sure, there’s civilization.  There are bustling ports and busy towns.  In the countryside farmers move to the ancient rhythms of the seasons, busy as bees and just as productive.  Beyond those walled cities and busy farms, though, lies an untamed wilderness.  This wilderness lies outside the control of the people of Faelon.  It darkens their dreams and sways their imagination.  


In these vast swathes of wilderness there are no stone walls or night watch to protect you.  There are few roads to guide you and no torches to light your way. It is the domain of the strong.  It is the domain of the ruthless.  It is the domain of the monsters.


Freeblades is an amazing RPG based skirmish wargame. Outside of the awesome gameplay the Freeblades community is second to none. If you are looking for acceptance, a friendly gaming scene, or just some great people to game with Freeblades is the community for you. With three styles to play: Freeblades (skirmish – 8-16 models), Brightsword (true RPG – 1-2 models) or Free Captains (currently in beta, army 25-50+ models), the world of Faelon can meet anyone’s gaming style. This donation includes 1 (or 3) of every currently available monster in the world of Faelon from the dreaded Thrakansor to the wily War Spider. All of these monsters can be used in any of the 3 game systems.


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