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Paul Bonner is among the international artists who answered the Kromlech call to support this Ukrainian refugee relief raffle. Paul is renowned his for vibrant and compelling full color paintings, along with ink illustrations, produced over the last 35 years for the biggest names in fantasy role playing, such as Games Workshop, Mutant Chronicles, FASA, Riot Minds and Rackham.


Paul chose this original work of art from his private collection. We introduce "40K Gretchin" who graced the back cover of Waaagh - the Orks ca.1991.  Frame and hang this 14cm x 14cm; 5.5" x 5.5") Bonner original in your hobby corner. It is sure to inspire your work and will also make you a connoisseur among your suddenly jealous peers!


Paul will ship direct to the winner from Denmark, adding a personal note to send "40K Gretchin" on his way to your home.


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