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Kromlech took the lead in bringing many crazy good items and renowned European artists together to support Ukrainian refugee relief. NOCF was honored to be asked to collaborate with Kromlech (and others) on this fundraising raffle.


As a miniature production company, Kromlech also led in donations of models, conversions, and other special treats ~ to include this beautifully painted "Poxbringer."


The Lore:

Heralds of Nurgle, the Poxbringers project an air of malign authority. They stand taller and broader than the Plaguebearers that surround them, their lumpen heads crowned with magnificent sets of rotting antlers. These daemons are the most common lieutenants of the Great Unclean Ones, who ensure their orders are carried out to the letter. Wielding their baleswords with prodigious strength, Poxbringers hack down the enemy’s champions and sorcerers while unleashing their own unclean spells to corrupt and despoil.


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