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Laurent Verschaeve (@torc_miniature) is among the international artists who reached out to NOCF in support of this Ukrainian refugee relief raffle. He chose to donate this adorable 3D printed "Salamander" by Cobramode. Laurent Verschaeve reached out to the NOCF after seeing our Instagram posts about this special Ukraine raffle.  Here are Laurent’s thoughts on his donation:


“Why have I chosen the salamander? To be honest, I was first searching for a non-fighting model but . . . none was a match for me. I wanted to paint something from Cobramode for a while and it was the perfect occasion. The colors are obviously a reference of the Ukrainian flag (even if it's not the same blue).


"I wanted to do something colorful and saturated ~ more "happy." I wish I had more time to make something bigger, but I think this small composition is enjoyable to watch .For the refugees, I can only wish that all goes well for them in the future, wherever they go. If they choose to rebuild their lives in Ukraine or in another country, I hope they are not alone. I only painted a miniature, which I hope will bring some money to help them in their future.


"I hope this situation doesn't stay as it is too long (it has already been too long). To the winner of the miniature ~ every one of them, not just mine: You're the best. Enjoy your miniatures and give them a special place in your cabinet, as it's proof that our community has a great heart!"


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