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The subject of countless fireside tales, little is truly known of the Tenebrael Shard, with many refusing to accept he is even real. Some legends claim the Tenebrael Shard can walk between shadows like a man would walk between rooms, whilst others insist he can become a cloud of living darkness that flows like smoke around the darting weapons of his enemies. Can he really break sword blades with his bare hands? Can he stop a heart with a single ice-cold glare? No one bar the Tenebrael Shard knows the truth.  


This beautiful model, from the Warhammer Quest Silver Tower, has been painted by Ana Polanšćak as she returns to the fall raffle this year.  A great addition to your Silver Tower set or as a stand-alone figure for a roleplaying game, this model will make an eyecatching model for you.



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