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Introduction by Chris (Jawaballs) Dubuque


The year 2020 brought its share of challenges, but it also brought a particularly amazing success. The NOVA Charitable Foundation army build project known as "Crossing the Primaris Rubicon" was a great example of this. It was a Blood Angels army painted by an extremely talented team of artists. The project was envisioned by me, Chris (Jawaballs) Dubuque who also took lead on the team. I made my name as a Blood Angels painter and player at the very beginning of the new age of 40K and it was a great honor to re-enter into the hobby by being part of something much much bigger than myself.


Which is what the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation is all about.


I jumped at the chance to lead another group this year. When discussing a plan with NOCF leadership, I decided that the natural progression from Blood Angels would be well… even more angry and blood thirsty marines! This year’s Khorne army was born ~ at least the idea of one.


I am the first to admit that Chaos Marines are very far from my wheelhouse. So, I dug deep into my friends list and came up with an old one. Actually, that's not completely true. I didn’t have to dig too deep. It took about 3 seconds to come up with Miniwargamer Dave as the guy to lean on when putting together a Khorne army. So, after a few emails, a VERY excited Dave was on board and NOW the army was born.


Dave and I put our heads together and came up with a fairly pure Khorne list based on how he would play it. As a bonus, I added a detachment of Demons as well as that beautiful new Be'lakor model! So, with the list in hand, we put the team back together. Almost as if inspired by the Blood God himself, last year’s painters aggressively laid claim to their models of choice, and just like that the wheels were turning.


In addition to helping come up with the list, Dave agreed to paint Kharne the Betrayer for the army, and wrote up a wonderful narrative for the project (below). I am very pleased that we were able to unite this project with our Miniwargaming friends from The Great White North! I hope you enjoy the hard work of this team and that this year’s project pushes our 2021 charitable efforts into uncharted territory.



Narrative by Dave (Miniwargaming) Nordquist


Before introducing the Narrative, Dave shared this: "I’ve written a narrative for this army that ties into the MWG cinematic universe we’ve created for our narrative campaigns. Enjoy the story:

Ghorakh Crimsonhunter, once a feared Chaos Space Marine Lord Discordant, vying for Khorne’s ascension, whose reputation for sowing seeds of disruption in vulnerable machine spirits, is now a dispossessed shell barely wielding arcane control of his helstalking hull of daemonic shame. Before his days of redemption, the Great Rift made planetfall easy for Ghorakh to lead his warband of warp-possessed constructs and attack the Feral World of Blackwater. Unfortunately his timing couldn’t be worse as neophytes were being recruited into the Crimson Fists as part of the annual “Festival of the Bloodied Fist.”


Expecting to easily reap skulls for Khorne, he was blindsided by the Space Marines and retreated deep into a cavernous mountain pass with the few remaining Maulerfiends and Khorne Berserkers that Ghorakh’s Pass survived the powerful onslaught. This area, self-named Ghorakh’s Pass, is home to a dense pocket of warp energy that engulfs his warband for what feels like decades. It is here that whispers from the warp impart knowledge to him regarding the Maw Blade; a mysterious artifact of unspoken power.


With this newfound knowledge, his soul is invigorated with a burning lust for glory, plus an acute desire for vengeance sought against the Crimson Fists whose untimely encounter thwarted his plans for eternal ascension and daemonhood. To his fortune, Blackwater is home to remnant Ork warbands who were once part of a great WAAAGH that threatened the Crimson Fists. Skullbrag Steelsplinta, Mad Megabully O’ da Fishfolk, leads his Ork warband into Ghorakh’s Pass, looks for loot and riches and is intercepted by the Lord Discordant himself.


Instead of the expected confrontation which would’ve undoubtedly ended in the Ork’s demise, Ghorakh proposes another option to Skullbragg. Find the Maw Blade, bring it to him, and be paid in immense teef, riches, and loot in the process. Skullbrag accepts this contract and journeys off. From this day forth, Ghorakh becomes known as the Crimsonhunter and will stop at nothing to acquire the Maw Blade to gain enough power to one day eradicate the Crimson Fists.

THE CRIMSON HUNTERS (GW) WH40K Chaos Space Marines

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