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Runner-Up in the 2021 'Eadbanger contest, "U'Zuhl the Skulltaker" is an infamous Bloodletter and Herald of Khorne who has claimed a Juggernaut Daemonic Steed named Khul'tyran as its mount and has been anointed as the Blood God's own Sacred Executioner.

Skulltaker often goes to war at the head of the Cohort of Blood, an assemblage of the greatest Bloodletters selected from amongst the daemonic legions' ranks.

The Sacred Executioner's mere presence on the field of battle drives Khorne's Lesser Daemons to impossible heights of frenzy, as all Bloodletters regard him as the pinnacle of their kind and an exemplar of all that their bloodthirsty god demands.

Whether battling against the armies of realspace, the legions of Khorne's rivals, or even against fellow warriors of the Blood God, Skulltaker will always seek out the greatest champions of the enemy.

Upon sighting one worthy of his skills, Skulltaker will strike down all who stand between it and its quarry, contemptuously hacking its way through the press of melee so that it may confront its chosen opponent and offer them the rite of single combat.

Those that flee are cut down or beheaded without thought, not worthy of any greater ceremony. Those brave or foolhardy enough to accept the Champion of Khorne's bellowed challenge suffer an even worse fate.


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