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This army will travel in style, safely nestled inside its own custom KR case.


Author and Artist! Just in time for the release of the 10th edition of Warhammer 40k, this 2000+ Ultramarine army has been painted to a fantastic standard.  This beautiful army belongs to none other than Ben Counter, one of the most popular authors in Games Workshop's Black Library, including two books in the Horus Heresy: Galaxy in Flames and Battle for the Abyss among many others.  


The army's backstory, as only Ben can tell it:

"I painted this Ultramarines army as a lockdown project, which I suspect was pretty common among hobbyists of all stripes. I wanted a force with plenty of vehicles and I had not painted them much before, and it would give me a chance to use the airbrush I bought to help expand my skills. I chose the Ultramarines because of how satisfying it was to airbrush them in a deep, cooler shade of blue, and because as the poster boys for Warhammer 40,000 they could field just about anything. I played a few games with the army, but I am always more about painting than gaming, and after admiring it for a while in my display cabinet I was inspired by a video by Roman Lappat to look into donating it to charity." 

Ultramarine Army (WH40K)

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