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Marc Busing (@CerxiS) brought an international group of artists to the raffles in support this Ukrainian refugee relief raffle. His diorama of Zelensky is an iconic piece which brings the cause and purpose of this special raffle full circle. 


Marc was moved to action by events in Ukraine. Please take time to read what he shared:


"For over two months, the invasion of the Ukraine is going on now. The first weeks I was really shocked how cruel this war is. I spent every free minute reading news and talking to people until I tried to channel my shock and fear and the sadness of friends’ suffering into painting. I came up with Zelensky by Reptilian Overlords and wanted to add an Omegon’s Wrath marine too.


"I wanted to raffle this miniature and raise some money for the Ukrainian people in need. Luckily, I was able to get more people into this raffle and also the experienced NOVA Charity for a special Raffle for the Ukrainian people. 


"This is the miniature you can win once the raffle is up and running: The President and an Imperial Fist Marine defeating their enemies!


"The Marine is half Alpha Legionnaire with a power fist. This represents the strongest people in the Ukraine, their President and all the brave people defending their country (the Space Marine). I really hope you like this miniature. Stop war! Play Warhammer!


This model is heavily kitbashed with the following components:

Tortuga Bay Torso on Space Marine

Liber Daemonica Bitz for the head and left shoulder pad

Scibor Miniatures for the right shoulder pad

Arms and weapons by Games Workshop

Commander Ze by Reptilian Overlords (3D print)


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