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A Year of Wasted Paint

NOCF is proud to offer this one-of-a-kind, totally unique, hobby-centric, mixed medium, 2'x3' wall mural, signed by the artist, Vince Venturella. We asked Vince to share the story behind the project:    "One year ago, I looked down at my palette wipe, the paper towel I keep in my painting area and as I was finishing up a project I noticed it was a wild rainbow of colors and patterns. It occurred to me that each one of these things I normally threw away was like an emergent piece of art all on it's own. That's when the idea struck. This was the paint we normally count as "wasted" ; it's the paint and the water we wick from our brush before putting the brush to miniature. It's extra, it's discarded, and yet it's just as much a piece of art all on it's own.    "So I started saving the paper towels for the last year . . . 1-2 per week, each project a different rainbow of colors, excess pigment, ink and metal flakes. After a year, I put them all together. The goal was to find not only something emergent in the story of each cloth, but also that all of that waste could come together into something beautiful. I wanted this piece to share my belief that miniature painting can be art, even beyond the miniature itself and that even what we might consider trash, can still be something wonderful."   We hope the lucky winner of this mural will enjoy the same wonder Vince described here. 

Vince also donated a fantastic model: Captain Lysander, Defender of Terra (GW) WH40K Imperial Fist.

The funds raised by both items will be benefiting Fisher House Foundation.

Thank you for all your support, Vince.

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