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Special Event For a Short Time Only- Through Dec 31st

The Fall/Winter Raffles are currently underway but there is something special that may have slipped by if you were not paying close attention.

Raffle in a Raffle Special Event

Roman Lappat is an internationally renowned miniature painter, commission artist, and a revered instructor who has taught workshops around the world. He loves painting as a way of life, teaching, sharing and learning. This humble giant in the global community of miniature artists is also a staunch supporter of NOCF who has contributed 26 pieces of art to the raffles since 2014. We are honored to offer two more Roman Lappat donations in this special "Raffle in a Raffle" fundraising event.

Before this New Year's Eve at 12:00am EST,

buy 3 or more tickets in the current Fall/Winter Raffle.

You will automatically be entered one time for every $1 spent

(Examples: 3 x $9 tickets = 27 entries; 10 x $5 tickets = 50 entries).

All entries will be placed in one raffle for two prizes.

Two (2) winners will be drawn and notified on January 3, 2024.

122 Pages of Roman's Best (8"x12")

Signed & Dated with Note to Winner

Limited Edition Art Print

Signed & numbered (21/100)

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