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NOCF is excited to see the reaction of the community to the incredible slate of prizes in the 2023 Fall Raffle which launched on Saturday, November 18. Community members not only praised the items in the raffles, but raised concerns that two weeks was not an adequate amount of time for ticket sales. Several reasons were cited, including the economic impact on holidays and travel expenses this year, the hope for a few more pay periods, and maximizing the opportunity for these particular raffle prizes to have the highest charitable fundraising impact.

The NOCF Board of Directors convened and agreed. These concerns are easily met by extending the raffle, and it is in the best interests of the organization, its mission, and the artists to do so. NOCF is pleased to announce that tickets will be available through Saturday, January 27, 2024.

The 2023 Fall Raffle has “unofficially” become the 2023-2024 Winter Raffle! Watch for news and updates over the coming weeks. And now: Let the “Giving Season” continue.

The 2023 Fall Raffles are under way with several amazing titles that must be viewed to be believed. Here are some of the items you should be checking out.

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