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Thank you to everyone who participated this year. We are grateful to all our volunteers, artists, sponsors, and donors. We will post the numbers next week, so stay tuned!

  1. OPERATION: KALDSTROM (CORVUS BELLI) INFINITY Pan Oceania & Yu Jing ~Daniel Clauss - Engen, GERMANY

  2. OTHYNIS (GW) WH40K Chaos Knight ~Stephen Trow - Calgary, Alberta, CANADA

  3. WHISPERED HALLOW (GW) WH30K Alpha Legion ~ Harlan White - Salem, Massachusettes, USA

  4. RETRIBUTION FOR LOST NOVA (GW) WH40K Primaris Ultramarines ~Kyle Chasteen - North Plains, Oregon USA

  5. THE STATIC CACOPHONY (GW) WH40K Necrons ~Patrick John Woods - Sola, NORWAY

  6. CONJURERS OF THE CRYSTAL CITY (GW) WH40K Thousand Sons ~Jens Mehwald - Herne, GERMANY

  7. ORDER OF OUR LADY OF JUSTICE (GW) WH40K Sisters of Battle ~Nicholas Krywy - Westland, Michigan USA

  8. HOSPITALLER ABSQUE TERMINIS (GW) WH40K/30K Adeptus Titanicus ~ Jared Moreau - Timmins, Ontario, CANADA

If you are one of our lucky winners, please be on the lookout for an email from us verifying your address. You must confirm before we can ship! Check your spam folders!

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