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Behind the Scenes - Things You Don't Know!

Many of the artists who volunteer their time and talent to paint entire armies often work in remote groups, each artist being sent a different portion of the army to paint, and then coordinate across different states and sometimes different countries to get things just right. When the summer raffles went live today it was the first time some of the artists have seen whole projects/armies together in one place.

Here is what Mike Cho (Blood Angels) had to say:

"Hey everyone,

I just saw the entire army put together and all I have to say is WOW! We put together an amazing army! 

First, I would like to say thank you to the NOVA team and Jawa for inviting me to paint alongside all the other great artists. It was an absolute pleasure being a part of an amazing team. I would love to come back again for more next year, as long as I'm wanted LOL. 

Second, to all the painters, everyone did an amazing job and I wanted to say thank you guys for putting in great effort on your end. It pushed me to make sure my stuff was up to par with everyone else so that we could have a killer looking army. I hope we can work together again soon so that I can continue to up my game and paint great looking minis for events like NOVA.

Maybe next year we can all head to NOVA and meet up for a celebration for this years "Best Looking Army" 😁"

--Mike Cho

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