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Fall Raffles Launch TODAY!

Our teams and aritists have been on a fast track to bring together 4 fantastic 9th Edition Armies and this is YOUR chance to WIN!

Miniac and his subscribers from all over the world have all made contributions, building these armies from the bottom up. They've donated their time, talent, and personal tools in order to make a positive impact through the gaming community.

The NOCF is grateful to everyone who has participated. Some of our own Artist Consorium stepped up in a pinch to help round out the armies. Sometimes life interrupts, plans derail, and that's okay. This is what makes the gaming community special. We are here, not only to make a difference in the world with our fund raising, but to make a difference in each other's lives on a daily basis.

Be on the lookout for some seriously sweet Space Marines done by pinch hitter Dev Sodagar. Even though he is swamped with commission work, painting day and night, he set aside personal time to ensure that the fall raffles make a big splash. It's painters and people like Dev that make the NOCF shine so bright.

There are several bright stars who have come through these past couple of weeks. Each of the #miniac2020charity armies contain exceptional models done by Scott 'Miniac' Walter, Evan Slagle, Dave Taylor, Sean McAfee, David Meyer, and Sean Fulton. A big surprise for all of us at NOCF HQ is how much incredible talent stepped up from Miniac's subscribers. Prepare to be amazed!

Thank you to Chris Wheatly of Tabletop Tendencies, Secret Weapon Miniatures, Shadow's Edge Miniatures, Cullen Herrington, and the NOVA Open team for dropping dat BASE! Teamwork really does make the dream work, and we couldn't do it without each other.

If you are up for a challenge and interested in jumping in to help, we do have a few models left that need speed painting done ASAP. Please contact us at if you can bring a mini to life within a matter of days.

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