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GIVING TUESDAY - Support Charity

Interested in starting a new game and give back at the same time?

The Christmas season is upon us and not only do we want to send an amazing army or model your way, we want to make a charitable impact simultaneously.

If you've been thinking of getting into the hobby or branching out into a new game within the tabletop wargaming space consider purchasing a few raffle tickets for one of our armies which include 30K, 40K, and a full Infinity game box. We are also featuring a spectacular Warlord Titan model and a beautifully painted Chaos Titan, either will make a major impression on the field. This is a great way to break into tabletop action with minimal fuss and at the same time show how much our community is eager and willing to give back.

The NOCF supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation, Doctors Without Borders, and Fisher House Foundation. The NOCF gives $0.90 of every dollar to these three charities and 2020 is looking to be our best year yet. Buy your tickets today for a chance to win and an opportunity to give back!

Big thanks to all the NOCF Artists, Scott 'Miniac' Walter & his subscribers, and the entire gaming community. We are a compassionate force and together we help make a difference.

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