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This stunning Chaos Knight was painted for the NOCF Fall Raffle by a talented artist named Dan Ozborne. The proceeds from this top of the line model will benefit Fisher House Foundation.

Baroness Kallis jerked the steering column to avoid incoming fire and let loose with the Avenger Gatling Cannon. When would these curs learn? There was no outrunning, no hiding, no way to escape her fury. No way to escape the punishing fire of Othynis.   For thousands of years her ancestors had piloted the Knight Despoiler, often changing allegiance based on the whims of battle. Upon a thousand thousand battle fields they found glory, found victory, found the praise of the dark gods.    This Chaos Renegade Knight draws inspiration from the Death Guard, as well as several chaos knights I’ve painted for my own personal collection. I leaned heavily into chaos symbology to make the standard Imperial Knight kit stand out as supremely corrupted with a definitive grimdark look.     This look was furthered with several aftermarket bits. Fallout Hobbies donated airbrush stencils, decals, and Chaos weapons. Iron Wolf Minis donated the Death Guard faceplate, a torso extender to give the knight extra height, the shoulder mounted missiles, and the rivets and studded knee pad to complete the pre-heresy marine look. The Magnet Baron also donated a magnet kit to allow for multiple weapon options and magnetization at the torso for easy transport.

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